Premier League 2018-2019, a Quick Recap (11 rounds played)

The Current Situation in the English Premier League 2018-2019 (11 rounds played)

After 11 rounds we have a very interesting situation in the English Premier League 2018-2019 with 5 teams in 6 points at the top of the league.

Premier League 2018-2019 Standings (after 11 rounds)

Premier League 2018-2019 Standings (after 11 rounds)

In this blog post, we will try to analyze the current situation, team by team to see whether everything is going as expected or not.

Premier League 2018-2019 – The Top of the Standings

At the top of the standing we find the 3 teams that were the original favorite for the win: Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Manchester City

Pep Guardiola‘s team, as usual, looks like a Juggernaut: they are still unbeaten, right now they are the best defense and the best offense. At home their record is impressive to say the least; on average, they score 4 goals per game and only allow 0.5.
They are surely the team to beat and keeping up with their rhythm seems very difficult!


First year in the Premier League for Maurizio Sarri, but no problems so far. He has been proving that is a great coach and managed to shape the team the way he wanted. Chelsea is only 2 points from the top and they have been very solid on the road, with only 1 goal allowed in 5 games. They will battle till the end and will put a lot of pressure on Manchester cIty.


Klopp is confirming this year what he has shown last year. Liverpool’s game is fast and entertaining, is well managed and they haven’t really changed anything from the last season. In the last 5 games they drew 3 times (Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City), showing that they deserve their high position in the table. Their only problem could be that in the long run they do not really have substitutes for their 3 main offensive players (Manè, Firmino and Salah)

Premier League 2018-2019 – Close to the Top

The Fourth and Fifth places are taken by Tottenham and Arsenal, which trail by 5 and 6 points respectively. These 2 could be interesting outsiders given their rosters and their coaches Emery and Pochettino.


Pochettino started the season with a lot of roster problems. At some point he had 8 players out for 3 straight weeks. This has obviously impacted their performance, for example at home (2 wins and 2 losses). Their road record, on the other side, is very good, as they got 18 points out of 21. Tottenham is surely a step below the 3 favorites, but they will surely finish in the top 6.


Emery has inherited Wenger’s team and that’s a heavy one. Despite the pressure though, their start was brilliant with the offensive duo Aubameyang Lacazette shining with 12 goals already in this year’s Premier League. The 2 early losses against Manchester City and Chelsea were surely heavy, but they will fight till the end for a Champions League spot.

Premier League 2018-2019 – In the Middle

From 6th to 12th position the situation is still uncertain and not very clear. In fact, we find 7 teams in only 6 points.


Bournemouth is surely the positive surprise of the beginning of the season with 20 points. Thanks to their main goalscorer, Callum Wilson (he scored 6 of 20 team goals), their are on track to a quiet second part of the season. And not only that, they can be a danger for many Premier League teams, especially at home, where they scored in 5 out of 6 games.

Manchester United

The unexpected negative surprise. After a shocking start, Manchester United looks back on track thanks to 4 straight positive results. The situation for Mourinho still looks complicated and, considering the top 3 teams’ pace, a 9-point gap seems to be big for a comeback. They could already be out of the battle for title and it’s only the beginning of November.


The “Hornets” started off on the right foot this season as they already got 19 points, placing them in 8th in the standings. Garcia’s team is consolidating their name as a Premier League reality that can safely avoid relegation with ample margin.


Middle of the standings for Everton without infamy nor praise. Despite investing 100 million euro in summer, Everton has not been able to take it to the next level and get closer to the top. They will anyway get a safe spot in top 8/10 at the end without too much struggle.

Leicester City

The Drama of their President’s, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, recent death has surely broken a situation that looked under control on the sport side. The team is in the middle of the standings, pretty far from the top but also safely above the danger zone. It will be interesting to see how Vardy and his teammates will react to the very sad news.


The wolves, after an extraordinary start, appear to have slowed their pace down drastically as they lost 3 games in a row after the Nations League break. Let’s not forget about the many new acquisitions they made during the offseason; Wolverhampton’s fans can be satisfied with the team’s start to the season and should be able to get enough points to avoid relegation in a timely fashion.


After granted themselves another year in the Premier League at the very end of last season, Brighton is off to a better start this year. They won a couple of matches against direct opponents for the relegation battle and they now have a 9 point margin on the danger zone. If they manage to keep up with these results, they will have a calm season.

West Ham

Another big disappointment here. Pellegrini’s team, despite the acquisitions of Felipe Anderson, Yarmolenko and Perez during the summer break, has not been convincing. The fans surely don’t want to see another dramatic second half of the season like they did last year.

Premier League 2018-2019 – The Battle to Avoid Relegation

The relegation battle currently sees 7 teams in a span of 5 points. Burley and Crystal Palace seem equipped to be able to pull themselves out of quicksand, while teams like Southampton, Newcastle and the 3 newly promoted Cardiff, Huddersfield and Fulham will need to quickly turn things around or get new forces in January.


After an awful start with the elimination from Uefa Europa League in the Playoff Qualification Round, Burley has not yet shown signs of comeback. Their problems mainly focus on the defensive end with 25 goals allowed already. Right now they sit just 2 points above relegation and in the next 5 games they play against direct opponents; these games will be crucial! It seems impossible to repeat their previous season and their goals have been brought back to reality for this current season.

Crystal Palace

It’s a deep crisis for Hodgson’s Crystal Palace. they haven’t been able to win for the last 6 straight Premier League games and a struggling offense to say the least (4 goals scored in the last month and a half). They need to find effective solutions and they need to do it quickly or the risk to see Crystal Palace at the bottom of the table all year long will be high.


Rafa Benitez has asked for reinforcements in order to avoid relegation. In fact the numbers behind Newcastle’s season are scary: last Saturday they got their first win of the season (after 10 games) and it looks like the team needs a good player per unit. January’s transfer window will be deciding as for now, their are far below expectations.


Those painful transfers in the last few years will be tough to deal with; and we are referring to guys like Manè and Tadic for example. The “Saints” haven’t really shown any good this so far this season. The most alarming thing is that they have been absolutely demolished by the top teams, plus a couple of disappointing results against direct rivals. We expected them to be battling to avoid relegation till the very end of the season.

Huddersfield, Cardiff and Fulham

The 3 newly promoted teams are at the bottom of the league right now and they are paying for the big step between the two categories. Huddersfield has the worst offense in the league and needs to improve there, but the recent win against Fulham could be a turning point for their season.
Cardiff’s roster simply looks too weak for this category and, if no good investments during January’s transfer window, their fight to avoid relegation will be uneven.
Last position right now is Fulham. Despite the good summer markets moves like VIetto, Schurrle, Seri, Zamba Anguissa and Mitrovic, their season is looking awful right now. We still believe that they can be much better than this and maybe a coach change could be deciding as mister Jokanovic’s results have been too bad. A good defensive player could be enough to emerge from dirty waters and climb the ladders. The “Cottages” have enough talent to avoid relegation.

A Look at the outright odds

Like we did for Italian Serie B, NBA and NFL we also had a look at the current outright odds for the English Premier League, and this is what we like.

Premier League 2018-2019 Outright Odds – To Be Relegated

England Premier League 2018-2019 - To Be Relegated

England Premier League 2018-2019 – To Be Relegated (

We think that Huddersfield will get relegated (currently priced at 1.44).
We also think that Southampton’s odds are juicy (currently at 5.00) and could be worth a try.

Premier League 2018-2019 Outright Odds – Not To Be Relegated

England Premier League 2018-2019 - Not To Be Relegated

England Premier League 2018-2019 – Not To Be Relegated (

We like Fulham’s odds here. They are last in the standings currently and they have struggled a lot, but we believe their roster is good enough to still manage to do it.

Premier League 2018-2019 Outright Odds – Other Attractive odds

Without going into it too much, this is some other stuff that we like:

  • Leicester to finish in the Top Half, currently at 1.66 (
  • Aguero to win Top Goalscorer. Not a Market that we really like but he plays for a team that is devastating offensively. Price is 3.50 on
  • We prefer Arsenal over Manchester United to finish in Top 4. Currently priced at 2.25 on
  • One more special: Manchester City to score more than 106.5 goals in the Premier League 2018-2019 season. Priced at 2.62. It is not an easy try, but they are on pace and better to do it.

That’s a wrap for the Premier League 2018-2019 season after 11 games, for weekly picks on Premier League matches, head on to

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