Italian Serie B Predictions and Picks: Outright Betting (29 March 2019)

As we did for Italian Serie A, we have some Serie B predictions as we placed some outright bets on Italian Serie B 2018/2019.

You might not know, but as we discussed in our previous article, Serie B has been a circus this year, as they had an incredibly complicated offseason which resulted into loads of poor decisions that lead to uncertainty throughout the whole season.

What’s the current Serie B situation?

Italian Serie B table - 29 March 2019

Italian Serie B table – 29 March 2019

I won’t be boring you with too much words, but as usual (and you can noticed if by yourself from the table), Serie B is a close call no matter what. The table is divided in two, 9 teams are involved in the promotion battle (or playoffs) and 10 are fighting to avoid relegation (or playouts).
Predictions are difficult and picking the right bets are even more troubles.

This is why we normally bet less on Serie B, no matter it’s it outright, moneyline, spread or totals, Serie B is a difficult league to predict!

Outright Head to Head (our Serie B predictions)

This is what we are betting on today: outright head to head.
This is a particular outright bet where you have to predict which team finishes ahead of the other at the end of the regular season. It is a type of bet that we particularly love here at BetzCenter, and you can see some examples of our bets from the past here.

Serie B - Outright Head to Head 2018:2019

Serie B – Outright Head to Head 2018/219 (from

These above are Snai’s odds for this particular market. I know it sounds old school these days, but the bookmaker chooses the matchups and the relative odds, so all we have to do is to pick the winner of each matchup.

This is what we think:

  • Ascoli – Cosenza: Cosenza @ 1.65
  • Cremonese – Venezia: Venezia @ 2.55
  • Crotone – Foggia: Crotone @ 1.72
  • Hellas Verona – Benevento: Hellas Verona @ 1.72
  • Lecce – Pescara: Lecce @ 1.60
  • Spezia – Perugia: Spezia @ 2.75

Total combined odds for these Serie B predictions are around 55.

While it will be difficult to catch them all, as they are all very balanced, we normally like to place the whole accumulator (with all the selections) plus one or two smaller multiples (2/3 selections each).

I want to underline one more time that Serie B is a very tough league to predict: surprises all around every corner, but we still give it a try.

This is it for this short article, if you want to check our Italian Serie A predictions instead, make sure you head over to our previous blog post.

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