Italian Serie A Predictions and Picks: Outright Betting (27 March 2019)

Generally speaking, outright betting is one of our favorite kind of betting.
In case you don’t know, outright betting is a particular type of sports betting where you place your bet and basically wait a long time before this bet gets settled.
For example, when you bet on Chievo Verona to win the Serie A title before the start of the season. Or when you back FC København to win the Champions league during the group stage. Or when you bet on JaVale McGee to win the NBA regular season MVP. Or when you place your money on Leonardo Mayer to win Wimbledon.
What all these bets have in common, apart from the fact that these examples are absurd on purpose, is the fact that they take a long time to be decided.

What happened last year

Last year outright betting proved to be pretty profitable for BetzCenter as we won a few thousand euros on both NBA (🏀) and Italian Serie A (⚽️).
In fact, we managed to cash in these bets on the NBA season:

NBA Outright Bets - Toronto Raptors

NBA Outright Bets – Toronto Raptors

And these 3 bets on the head to head in the first round of playoffs:

NBA Outright Bets - Playoffs 2017/2018

NBA Outright Bets – Playoffs 2017/2018

We made around 6000 euros as our analysis, which you can read about here and here, were well thought and, most important, correct.

Another pretty sweet outright bet that we placed was on Italian Serie A.
Our analysis was amazingly good as we guessed 8 winners out of 8 matchups…

Those combined for an outstanding total odds of 164!

You can read more about it here, for now let’s have a look at the bet we placed:

Outright betting - Head to head Serie A 2017/2018

Outright betting – Head to head Serie A 2017/2018

This resulted in another 2000 euros profit thanks to our Expert’s analysis (USsports1).

The current situation in Italian Serie A

It’s that time of the year again, and we are ready to place our bet as the situation in Italian Serie A is as follows:

Italian Serie A standings on 28th March 2019

Italian Serie A standings on 28th March 2019

As you may notice, some things are already well defined, while some other team are still battling hard for their season goals.
Juventus, surprise surprise, has won the league; even if not official, 15 points ahead of Napoli is way too much to see a comeback here. Also, Chievo, with only 11 points (considering a 3 point penalization), is basically relegated.

Champions League and Europa League qualifications are still in doubt.Things, as usual, look good for Napoli while Inter, Milan, Roma, Lazio and Atalanta are still very close to each other. Torino and Sampdoria are even part of the race.
At the bottom, the battle to avoid relegation involves SPAL, Udinese, Empoli, Bologna and perharps Frosinone; with the first 4 teams all in a span of 2 points.

This weekend Inter plays Lazio in what is the big match of the week.

What we are betting on this year

Please have a look at Snai’s odds:

Serie A - Outright Head to Head 2018/2019

Serie A – Outright Head to Head 2018/2019 (from

We have checked the remainder of the calendar and we have highlighted our winners:

  • Atalanta vs Torino: Atalanta @ 1.40
  • Chievo Verona – Frosinone: Frosinone @ 1.12
  • Empoli – Bologna: Bologna @ 1.55
  • Fiorentina – Sampdoria: Sampdoria @ 1.45
  • Genoa – Cagliari: Genoa @ 1.55
  • Inter – Milan: Inter @ 1.65
  • Roma – Lazio: Lazio @ 1.85
  • Sassuolo – Parma: Parma @ 1.85
  • Udinese – Spal: Udinese @ 1.65

For obvious reasons, we do not recommend to bet on Frosinone since the odds (1.12) are too low.

Total odds excluding Frosinone is around 45, which is not too bad, but we can surely split the matchups into 2/3 smaller multiples too.

BetzCenter will both bet on the 8-selection accumulator and a couple of smaller ones.

If outright betting is not your thing..

If outright betting is not your thing, we remind you that right now the best odds on the Italian Serie A are on as we wrote here; and that you can go to for weekly serie A picks on moneylines, spreads and totals!

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