Italian Serie A, Outright Head to Head Betting (9 March 2018)

With 26 games played already this season in Serie A, we are approaching the end of the season, but, in many cases, things are far from decided.First things first, let’s have a look at the table:

Italy Serie A Table (10 March 2018)

Italy Serie A Table (10 March 2018)

  • It’s a tough battle at the top where Napoli and Juventus are way ahead of competition, who will bring home this year’s Serie A title?
  • Roma is set to secure a Champions’ League spot and Lazio despite recent form’s issues is fighting hard to secure that 4th place that would mean Champions’ League as well.
  • The battle for Europa League is still tough with a struggling (in terms of recent form) Inter Milan defending their nice point lead that they build up earlier this season over Sampdoria and AC Milan.
  • At the bottom, things do not look good for Benevento, which is pretty much relegated already, while all teams from Chiveo (25 points) and all the way down to Verona (19 points) will be fight a tough battle to survive and remain in Serie A.

Apart from there considerations there is a specific type of bets I want to focus on today: outright head to head, bookmaker-created matchups between two teams where we have to guess who finishes higher in the table.
Here are the head to head with the relative analysis:

Juventus – Napoli (1.40 – 2.75)

Our pick is Juventus. They are more used to win and have more talented players. Napoli plays better, that’s easy to see, but Juventus is more solid. They still have to play each other once and Juventus will be at home.

Atalanta – Sampdoria (3.20 – 1.30)

We go for Atalanta here. Atalanta’s lineup is stronger, they are out of European competitions now and they still have to play each in Bergamo (Atalanta’s home). Sampdoria does not look in very good form and their schedule is pretty tough.

Bologna – Genoa (1.65 – 2.10)

Our pick is Genoa. They are bouncing back and are now only 3 points behind Bologna. We think that Genoa is better that Bologna all around.

Cagliari – Chievo (1.85 – 1.85)

We pick Chievo here. Despite the fact that Chievo is going through a tough moment in terms of results, we think they are more solid and have more chances to win this head to head. They also have a good schedule at home. Cagliari has more talent but they are less consistent.

Fiorentina – Torino (2.40 – 1.50)

Fiorentina looks good! Nice odds for a team that is in a better shape, plays better and has better individualities. Torino is not having a good season, are not very talented and have a tougher calendar.

Ac Milan – Inter Milan (2.75 – 1.40)

Our pick is Inter Milan. Ac Milan are in a better form, they are more consistent and solid. Inter Milan are struggling and going through a slump. They are offensively talented and luckily for them a 7 point margin that seems too big to overcome for Ac Milan.

Roma – Lazio (1.65 – 2.10)

Roma is our pick. Roma are bouncing back right now after some poor results. They have more quality and an overall better team. Lazio is not in the same good form they were a couple of month ago and look like they are slowing down a little bit.

Spal – Crotone (1.70 – 2.03)

We pick Spal. This one is a tough call; Spal are 2 points ahead right now. Both teams have a pretty tough schedule full of very important matches to try to avoid relegation. It’s be a close race.

This is all for outright head to head betting on Italian Serie A as these are all of our picks on this specific market. Head on to for our Expert’s game specific Picks.



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