A Complete Betting Guide for the English Premier League

The English Premier League is seen as one of the best soccer leagues in the world. Some say it’s the very best, well it certainly grabs the attention of millions of people around the world. From America to China, fans love to follow the results and also make their Premier League predictions. Even more so in the USA now that more states are legalizing betting on sport.

History of the English Premier League

The English First Division had been the top league in English football for just over a century. That all changed when the top teams created the English Premier League. 

1992-93 saw the first Premier League season with Manchester United winning the title. They were champions in four of the first five seasons and have won it 13 times in total. Not since 2013 have they won the title though. 

The Premier League has been dominated by United, local rivals Manchester City and Chelsea. Not until 2020 did Liverpool win their first Premier League title. 

With huge amounts of money being received by television companies and other sponsors, the Premier League’s top sides have huge transfer budgets. This sees many of the top soccer players in the world playing in this league, hence its massive popularity around the world.

Betting on the English Premier League

If a sportsbook covers soccer, then it will feature plenty of English Premier League betting opportunities. Each of the 20 teams in the league plays 38 games, so that’s 380 matches to bet on each season.

It’s not just a question of betting on who will win each game. Those days are long gone and there are markets galore now available. A Premier League game can see online bookmakers offering over 400 different markets.

You may well think with so many there’s got to be one or more that can produce a winning bet. Just what are all these markets though and what can you do to increase your chances of making successful Premier League predictions. Let’s take a good look at what is on offer.


This is the most traditional bet that can be made on any soccer match. It’s simply a case of deciding who will win the match or whether it will end in a draw. 

Research is a word that is going to be mentioned a few times in this article.  If you are an Arsenal fan, you can’t let your heart rule your head. Betting on them to beat Liverpool just because you support the Gunners isn’t a great plan of action.

Bet with your head not your heart. Nor can you just bet on who the favorites are. Not every favorite wins, if they did the gambling industry wouldn’t make the profits that they do. Do your best to work out what the end result will be.

Research is a key word here and so is statistics. Find out as much data as you can about teams, there’s plenty available on the Betzcenter site. Try not to overdo it and complicate matters. The web is packed with sites that specialize in producing in-depth statistics for the English Premier League.  Knowing which teams have have been winning, drawing too many games or continually losing can help you with your Premier League predictions.

It is so important to look at who teams have been beating and losing to. For example, Southampton might win a few soccer matches but who have they been beating? If their wins have come against sides in the lower reaches of the table, that doesn’t mean they can win against a top side. Then again, if they have been beating sides such as Liverpool and Tottenham, a win against Chelsea might just be possible.

If Southampton had been losing games against top sides, then their form isn’t quite so bad and they can be backed to beat a poor side. Studying home and away form is also important.  A club may be getting lots of home wins but struggling on the road or vica versa.


Now here’s a popular market that you can bet on. As with several of the markets mentioned in this article, you are not required to correctly predict the winners of the match. If you’re undecided on who is going to win, going for a market such as this is a great idea.

With this market a set number of goals is given, the most common being 2.5. Your job is to decide whether over 2.5 goals will be scored (at least three in the match) or under 2.5 goals (no more than two) will be scored. This can be for the 90 minutes or could be for the first or second half.

Again, research is vitally important here. Look at recent results and build a picture of the number of goals scored in recent games. A look through the archives can also be helpful.

Again, take notice of how this is progressing in home and away matches. The 2019/2020 season saw over 2.5 goals in 11 of their home games but only in five of their away fixtures.  Teams scoring lots of goals are useful to back in this market. If you go to the under/over 3.5 goals market or even higher, then the odds available will be better.

This market isn’t all about how many teams a club scores in Premier League games. Clubs that concede a lot of goals are often good to back. In the 2019/20 season, 23 out of 38 Bournemouth games had over 2.5 goals scored in them. They only averaged just over a goal a game but conceded 65 and were relegated. 

Teams scoring a lot of goals and also conceding them are well worth backing in this market. Access the Premier League table on this site to access valuable information.

Handicap Betting

There are often Premier League games that have very short odds on a team to win. Handicap betting can be used to get better odds. For example, Manchester City would be at very short odds to beat Burnley at home after a series of big wins against them. Backing Burnley with a two or three goal start may well get you a winner.

Both Teams to Score

More research is needed to get winners in this market. Back teams that have a tendency to score goals and also concede on a regular basis. Just over half of the Premier League games played in the 2019/20 season saw both teams score.

The 2019/20 Premier League season saw both teams score in 25 out of 38 Tottenham league games. The fact that they only kept eight league clean sheets made their matches more likely to see both teams score.

Backing Sheffield United wasn’t such a great idea in this market. The 2019/20 season saw them keep 13 clean sheets and only 15 league games saw both teams get on the scoresheet. Keeping a close eye on the striking and defending abilities of teams can get you some good wins in this market. Again, seeing how teams get on home and away is important. 


There are plenty of betting opportunities available when it comes to goalscorers. At first when odds were offered on this market, it was the first goalscorer bet that was available.

Now that’s a good bet to place and can have some good odds. One problem is that you don’t always get a good run for your money. The 2019/20 season saw 115 goals scored in the first 15 minutes of Premier League games. Your first goalscorer bet might therefore only last a few minutes.

The introduction of the anytime and last goalscorer bets has changed this. Your bet is running until the final whistle is blown. Your chances of winning exist throughout the whole match.

In-play betting will be looked at shortly. This has had an affect on the goalscoring market. You can bet as the game progresses, so when a goal is scored, there are still plenty of betting opportunities. Not just the anytime or last goalscorer but bets on the next player to score, if any.

You can also place bets on individual players to score in Premier League matches. Check to see which players are in good scoring form and back them. Always ensure you know who the penalty taker or free-kick expert is and also back defenders who love coming up for corners. Some good odds are avaiable here.

Double Chance

It’s not easy making Premier League predictions, especially the final result. The Double Chance bet gives you a good chance of getting a winner when you just can’t make up your mind.

Say for example, Chelsea are playing West Ham United away from home. They may well be in good form but not been winning many games on the road. West Ham meanwhile can at times get good results against top teams. 

A bet on Chelsea or West Ham to win won’t be an easy one to make. Time perhaps for the Double Chance bet. You could bet on Chelsea to win or draw the game. The odds won’t be so high but as long as they avoid defeat then you have a winning bet.

West Ham would likely be the outsiders to win this game. A Double Chance bet on them would have better odds if you believe they might be able to avoid a defeat in this game.

Backing teams that draw a lot can be useful in this market. The 2019/20 season saw Newcastle United draw eight home league games and lose just five. They may of only won six home Premier League games, but the Double Chance bet would have been a winner in 11 of 19 matches played.

When to Bet

You can make your Premier League predictions before and during the soccer games. Odds for all matches will be available and a list of Premier League matches can be seen on BetzCenter.com, so plan ahead.

Ante-post betting is also available. It may be the summer but you can still bet on who will win the Premier League next season or be relegated. You can place bets on where a team will finish in the table and lots more besides. Just imagine how Leicester City fans felt taking huge odds and then seeing their team become champions.

It used to be that you could only place your bet before the game took place. You had to follow the game not being able to do anything betting wise. That’s all changed now and in-play betting is where the real excitement is, especially if there’s some live streaming of games.

You can bet throughout the game with the odds continually fluctuating. It all depends what is happening on the field of play.  

If your selection is winning, you can place more bets on them. What if your bet is losing? Well, you can put more bets on and try to rescue the situation, even if you have to back the other team.

Remember that teams can go behind and still win the game. If Crystal Palace go a goal down, the odds on them winning will become larger. They might be playing well in the game, so coming back to get the win could see a win at good odds.

Seeing a team actually play is important. There’s plenty of videos available online that can be watched. Even listening to radio commentaries can help you get an idea of how good or bad teams are playing.

The Cash Out feature allows you to end your bet before the final whistle. If Liverpool go 1-0 up against Everton but aren’t playing too well, then cash out. If your opinion is correct and Liverpool don’t go on to win the game, you’ll still have a return. 


Betting on the English Premier League is such an exciting experience. Lots of matches being played and hundreds of different betting markets to try your luck on.

Just try to find out as much about the match you want to bet on. You will find it helpful to read one of our blogs that gives excellent advice on how to bet on soccer

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